The Gemini has a new way of approaching how enterprise resource planning (or ERP systems) and business software solutions are designed, developed, and deployed. We ve changed the way ERP software is used to maximize productivity across your business. ERP can inspire your company to innovate your business so you can deliver inspiration to your customers. The Gemini is more than business software; it is the key to possibilities not yet imagined. The Gemini ERP software provides a single point of accountability to drive increased profit, whether you re operating locally, regionally, or globally.


This component of an ERP software suite has features that streamline the whole process of developing and producing a product. The manufacturing component enhances engineering, design, and configuration of products. It also accelerates production, and improves quality assurance processes. It automates the planning of manufacturing activities, and improves management of different production parts The benefit of buying this ERP software system is that it empowers companies to produce better product designs in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


Supply Chain Management

An ERP software system package has applications that improve order management, inventory management, logistics, purchasing and procurement, return management, supply chain planning, and incentive management. These features work together to effectively coordinate and manage the complex activities and workflows of supply chain.
Advantages of ERP system for supply chain companies are better management of all their operations such as sourcing, purchase and storage of raw materials, management and scheduling of related work processes, warehousing and distribution of finished products


Financial Management

This ERP system package features financial applications such as cash management, general ledger, budget management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and fixed asset management.
With this software, companies can improve the accessibility and accuracy of retrieving critical financial data. Companies will be able to automate and streamline recurring accounting processes including formulation, dispersion, and management of the budget. Accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash flow analysis will be well-integrated with the software. Other financial matters like asset management, financial reports and performance management will be well-managed of by the software.


Project Management

Project management applications of an ERP software has various tools that work together to facilitate better project planning strategies and more successful achievement of related tasks.
Project-based companies can successfully plan and execute their projects by utilizing the software s features for resource allocation, time and expense tracking, activity monitoring, costing, invoicing, and billing to experience greater success rates for their projects.


Human Resources / Human Capital Management

An ERP system suite has features that enhance and automate the whole employee life-cycle. The ERP system manages hiring and staffing, training, attendance and time tracking, performance and compensation management.
Benefits of ERP software for human resource management are less administrative work on human resource staff and better workforce management. Also, each employee is given an opportunity to reach full potential.
With all these features, companies should buy ERP system software for the integration of all their business activities. As a result of buying ERP software, companies will benefit from:

  •   Efficient completion of everyday activities.
  •   Reduction of overhead costs.
  •   Elimination of data silos through the formulation of a single, centralized, and accurate company data.
  •   Standardization of critical procedures to reduce redundant tasks that waste time and money.
  •   Accurate assessment of business needs to improve strategic planning.
  •   Improved resource management and allocation.

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