The Gemini’s Onco HIMS

  • Overview

    The Gemini’s Onco HIMS is a comprehensive information and image management solution that lets you oversee all aspects of oncology care for your patients. Onco HIMS combines radiation, medical and surgical oncology information into a complete, oncology-specific EMR that allows you to manage the patient's entire journey—from initial diagnosis through post-treatment follow-up.

    With The Gemini’s Onco HIMS, you can:

    1.    Evaluate diagnosis-specific data to compare acute responses to treatment and long-term clinical outcomes
    2.    Develop disease-specific clinical protocols to facilitate a standard, consistent quality of care
    3.    Monitor radiation dose and review treatment images to determine if plan changes are required
    4.    Make confident decisions with the aid of embedded rule-based decision support
    5.    Create structured, oncology-specific care plans for the post-treatment care and support of cancer survivors
  • Features
    1.    Support for medical and radiation oncology (including proton therapy)
    2.    Decision support
    3.    Comprehensive review of clinical images
    4.    Radiation and chemotherapy prescribing
    5.    Radiation treatment chart QA
    6.    Clinical trials management
    7.    Outcomes analysis
    8.    Extensive HL7 and DICOM support
    9.    Billing & cancer registry
  • Benefits
    1.    Aggregates patient information in a single, oncology-specific electronic chart
    2.    Accelerates oncology workflow by providing staff with immediate access to patient records
    3.    Optimizes image-guided treatment techniques using radiographic, fluoroscopic, and cone-beam CT images
    4.    Documents activities performed for evidence-based, Pay-for-Performance programs
    5.    Automates patient data transfer with external hospital systems using standard communication protocols
    6.    Eliminates the tasks and related costs associated with film and paper management
    7.    Facilitates compliance with Health Insurance Profitability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Modules
    1. RT treatment plan review
    1. Image review
    1. Health Assessment
    1. RT Chart Auditing
    1. Electronic Documentation
    1. Scheduling
    1. Charge Posting
    1. Financial Management
    1. Information/Image Transfer
    1. Data Archiving