Fertility HIMS

Building on 20 years of EHR development, The Gemini Fertility HIMS has simple and intuitive design. From resource-based appointments to cycle management to Cryo preservation and in-house labs, The Gemini Fertility HIMS does it all. The Gemini Fertility HIMS is flexible and easy to customize to your unique style of practice, and our excellent live support is available by phone and chat. We continuously develop convenient and effective tools to simplify the process of clinical documentation, increase staff productivity, and provide real-time delivery of patient information throughout all areas of the clinic. The Gemini Fertility HIMS empowers practices to maintain an optimal workflow, offers the ability to automate operations, and ultimately increases revenue while meeting patient demands and delivering the best possible care.

Key features

  • Patient On-Boarding and management
  • Treatment/Therapy planning, monitoring & tracking
  • Patient e-records platform
  • Donor & Surrogate Registration
  • Fertility Analysis & Treatment Management
  • Consent Management
  • Embryo Freezing, Cryo Bank, & Record Tracking
  • Sperm Analysis - Sperm Freezing, Sperm Thawing
  • Fertility Preservation Management, Tracking & Reporting
  • Flexible Reports with Statistical Analysis
  • Multi branch facility
  • Secured and encrypted data
  • Surrogacy Management
  • ART compliance as per Regulatory Authorities
  • Pre-defined and customizable MIS and Dashboards
  • Modular architecture

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