Employee relations software also referred to as human resources investigation or simply case management software is a digital tool that helps teams investigates:

  • Harassment, sexual harassment and bullying
  • Safety and security concerns
  • Absenteeism and punctuality issues
  • Discrimination
  • Policy violations
  • Fraud and theft
  • Employee misconduct
  • Compliance lapses

The Gemini Employee relations software helps teams capture tips and complaints and report on the results to prevent future incidents. Using one centralized, secure platform, investigators can:

  • Create cases instantly by integrating your intake mechanisms
  • Assign investigations and tasks automatically based on preset criteria or manually by a manager
  • Search for open and closed investigations by location, subject and incident type
  • View a timeline of actions taken on a case, including time, date and team member
  • Collect supporting documents and audiovisual evidence
  • Use built-in form templates to ensure accurate and compliant reporting


  • Integrates with HR Databases
  • Creates In-Depth Reports
  • Promotes Secure Collaboration
  • Keeps Investigations on Track
  • Can Be Used Anywhere

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