The Gemini Blogs24-Feb-2016

We spent a considerable amount of time searching for a cost effective solution to augment our development staff and found The Gemini. The Gemini is a rare breed in the environment, we keep our word and deliver on time and more often than not, the product is better than anticipated. We are problem solvers. The cost savings speaks for itself. We have a flexible development model that incorporates internal and external resources that delivers a significant competitive advantage.


In Dubai, if a company or individual wants to pursue a professional practice, they will need to obtain a professional licence. Like a trade or industrial licence, a professional licence is provided by the Department of Economic Development. Unlike a trade or industrial licence, which requires the use of capital to do business, a professional licence allows companies or individuals to provide services that utilise trained skills. Individuals that require professional licences include accountants, advertising professionals, architectural consultants, auditors, teachers, lawyers, and doctors and nurses. The long list of trades that require a professional licence can be picked up from any Department of Economic Development office. You can also use the Activity Search feature on the Department of Economic Development website to determine whether or not your trade requires a professional licence. Like trading and manufacturing companies, professional companies require a local service agent to practice in the emirate. Holders of professional licences can employ a limited number of workers who will also be covered under the professional licence.